Top 10 Internet Advertising Mistakes

The World Wide Web is an ideal location to place your ads in. Why? Because millions of people use it everyday. Most people would assume that Internet advertising is a simple task; that all it takes is placing an ad somewhere and generate profits or hits. Not so. Many newbie Internet advertisers, and even old-timers, commit the same mistakes that weaken the effectiveness of their ads. Below are 10 of the most common internet advertising mistakes as named by

Wasting Money

Business owners want to earn money, not waste it. But because of their ineffective ads, they still do. Business owners place ads on sites that get thousands of hits, but these do no translate into sales and profit. recommends following and assessing the effectiveness of your ads. Withdraw those that do not generate leads that convert into sales.

Paying for pop-ups

Not only are pop-up ads annoying and distracting, they are also ineffective. Aside from pushing potential customers away (and not attract them), pop-up blockers render your ads useless. Paying for pop-up ads is a waste of money.


Although email marketing one of the most effective tools you can use, not using it properly will be detrimental to your business. advises marketing only to people who opted in to your mailings.

Overspending on copywriters

Paying some veteran copywriter from some well-known firm is not always a const-efficient solution. Writing copy is not the brain-bleeding task that most people think it is. There will always be young, creative minds that are willing to be paid less than old-timers while still building their portfolio. If you are not getting results from your copywriter, look for another one.

Favoring style over substance

Putting style before substance is another common web advertising mistake. How many times a day do you come across those annoyingly bright pulsating neon colors, glitters, and those dizzying flash animations? One too many, probably. But do you get what they are trying to offer you? Remember: substance over style.

No call to action

Sure your target audience knows your brand name as well as their own. But it’s not enough to have your name splattered across about 1/3 of of your page/s. You also have to tell them what to do next. Placing Sign up and click here can do the trick. But your every ad should have one.

Stale advertising

Placing the same old brands does not help you draw your target audience. it does not enhance your brand, your brand’s appeal, or your brand’s look. It may even hurt your brand. You can use an established brand, logo or slogan for several years, but you still need remain up-to-date and continue to include creative variations on a theme in order to remain relevant.

Not utilizing all your online and offline opportunities

The last thing you want to do is to fill your site or newsletter with too many ads. Still you should make good use of all your opportunities. Placing ads in strategic locations can really help. Headers, footers, and other key areas are examples of these underutilized strategic ad’ locations. says Advertising your own products, both on- and offline, is critical.

Not being viewer-friendly

It’s not enough that your site looks good, it should also be user-friendly and easy on the eyes. Readers should be able to understand your intended message easily and clearly, without being hampered by flashing ads and pop-ups.

Poor placement

If you do not know exactly where your ad will be place, advises against spending money for it. This is common sense actually. When purchasing advertising on a site, or in a newsletter, you should know exactly where your ads will appear, when they will appear. They should appear where you wanted them to, when you want expected them to. You should also make sure that your ads come out as they should. Follow-up and monitoring is crucial to any ad campaign.


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